The manifesto for this Blog.

December 8, 2008

Its mainly about Students Unions though I think much of it may well have some relevance for other third sector people.
It is meant to challenge the conventional wisdom, hopefully with some unconventional wisdom but as the title suggests I don’t claim it as all my original thought everyone I know seems to drop a carrot or onion or even a herb or spice into the strange soup of my thought processes.


Not so much like this

Not so much like this



Hopefully what comes out is more Heston than Heinz it is exactly that “how strange but why not?” that is the ideal reaction to this stuff.

More like this man's soup

More like this man's soup









I expect however that It might be that people will annoyed or even angered and that would be OK.
I hope to avoid boring you or getting to many of those “Oh Andy!” sighs that sometimes come as a result of my outpourings to my brilliant and challenging wife.

I am the General Manager and Permanent Secretary of Loughborough Students Union and though this blog will reference Loughborough it does not necessarily represent either their policy or practice.


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